My Favourite music!

 My Favourite music artists  

1. Twenty One Pilots ~

 I only found out about them in 2015 and they are already literally one of my favourite music artists, it’s impossible to pick a favourite song of theirs because no1. They are all amazing.



2. One Direction

I have loved One Direction for 5 years, people like one of my brothers give me shit for it, oh well, But I  much rather crying over how much I love One Direction than crying over him giving shit talk to me


3. Halsey ~

Halsey is one of the only female artists I actually like, her music is amazing also she has a good personality which makes her 100% more amazing 


4. 5 Seconds Of Summer ~

 5sos is honestly so problematic but but at-least they are not boring.. Aha.. But their music is literally so so good, but also so relatable that’s the main why I love them


Well That’s all for today, I will hopefully be uploading tomorrow, depends on how the day goes!  

~ Katie


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