Types of people at school 


   Types People At School

They’re lots of different types of people at school, some nicer than other, some less caring as others but most people are just people who you don’t hate but you don’t know them, so your just not bothered by them meaning you should not care what they think about you or things you love so I am going to explain some types of the people at my school.

1. The ‘Nobody’s’

     I think I am this type of person, no one particularly ‘hates’ in this group of people.

To be honest most people is school are like this, They don’t get involved in everything the school does, it’s like they are just there filling an empty space but having a meaning to be there at the same time
2. The ‘I know everything and am cocky about it’

     Every school has these people and they annoy the shit out of me, all they do is be an absolute an lickarse to all the teachers and get everything ‘right’ and if they don’t they go off and cry about it. That is  pretty much everything I have to say about them.
3. The ‘I know Everything But Is Modest About It’

      I am so jealous of these people because they are always the nicest people and they are straight A students… I sit beside a girl and she is literally like the nicest person I have ever known, literally.
4. The ‘Popular girls that make out with every boy who walks past them and will do anything for attention’

      These people are so annoying, they can be ‘nice’ but they are still annoying, I don’t know them too well so I can’t say I hate them but they all seem to be stuck up and cocky.

5. The ‘Popular But Is Still Really Nice/Smart/pretty/everything I want to be’

      I want to be this person.

That is all for today!
~ Katie 


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