There is lots and lots of different types of music, the main type is pop…. I think pop music is so so overrated (that’s only my opinion). Pretty much most of the ‘really popular always on the tv songs’ are pop and I hate it.

There is so many songs/music artists in other categories that deserve the fame the ‘pop‘ songs get..

I think that rock/punk music is so underrated, the songs in that category have so much meaning and can really help people get through problems but most people think it is bad to like that music and that you are ‘weird‘ if you like it…

It’s not true.

I could name so many bands that deserve more recognition but they don’t get it and that annoys me.. A lot.

I wish people wouldn’t be so afraid to be different so lots of things, not just music, would have a chance of being a ‘something‘ 

That is my rant done for today.. I am so bad at putting my opinion in words that actually make sense but idgaf, no one is going to see this anyway 

Bye for now!



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