What I think the meaning of life is..
Life has millions and millions and millions of reasons, one for each person. Everyone has things or people they love and would do anything to keep in their lives, but I think only one of them is the true meaning to their life

But so many people have mental issues, and I do honestly think the main reason that caused their problems is that they don’t know their real meaning to their life. They don’t know their own definition of their own future, or, even, their past. 
You have all these “professionals” trying to tell you what is right and what is wrong in your life but they don’t know the real you, how can they if you don’t even know the real you?

You can not even look for the meaning of your life, it just comes naturally, a realisation almost.  It might even take years for it to come so just don’t loose hope, it will come even if its when you are old, just wait and enjoy your life as it comes. 

Also just think about things, it will end up having more meaning, giving what you have and what you want more meaning.

(I know that this is deeper than usual, but I feel like I needed to say it.)

 That’s is all for today aha. Byee!!!

~ Katie.


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