Life is so hard to explain for me as a 13 year old. I might think I feel one thing but when I think about what how I feel I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s so weird, sometimes we can all have so many feelings, and other times I can’t even tell how or what I feel.
When I feel physical pain, it obviously hurts but I feel like I can and will always deal with it. Today at school I was showing my friend my bruise from when I feel on Saturday and she as a joke poked it, she thought I’d Flinch but I didn’t so she did it harder, harder and harder, I felt it, it hurt, I did not care, I don’t know why.

I feel like being  ””’sad””’ the whole time, made me feel like this, probably not, but its what I think

It’s honestly so hard to describe what I feel.



When I grow up all that I really want is happiness, real happiness.

I do not care if I’m poor/rich, once I’m happy I’m okay.

I would love to be a school therapist in like America, I doubt it will ever happen but it would be so so cool. I’d also love to be a blogger but I have a less of a chance of that happening probably just cuz I can’t afford anything from the new ‘trends’ or make up or pretty, expensive clothes and I’m not interesting so there is all my chances gone.
Thinking of your future is so scary, no one, not even you knows what it going to happen and I hate that.

What if I grow up to not being happy and not having a job I enjoy? Most people worry about school and what people think of them, yes I think about them but my future is more important to me.

I hope really things work out, I don’t think it will all be okay but I just hope so.

Also parents or teachers don’t and won’t teach us about things like paying bills, buying cars, breakups and that does not help a person that worries about their future. They just don’t understand what teenagers worry about and they make fun of it, I hate that too.

So that’s all for today! I know it’s a bit deep but oh well.

~ Katie