I will be back!

I will not be posting for a while…

But I have a reason, I’m going to write a mini story that I really do want perfected and finished by the end of the year! I might post the odd blog in the odd time but for now my main the attention will be on the story.
I might post the story when everything is finished, i will update you along the way.
– bye FOR NOW! Xxx 

P.s I will be starting to write it tomorrow, I have most things planned out.


Deep Nothingness.

DEEP NOTHINGNESS //(Parts 1and 2)


At the end of today (2day4month2017year) I realised I have a small cut on my finger. I have no idea where it came from. How it happened. Or when it happened. Something that is visible on the skin, that can be felt when touched, I had no idea happened.

*How is that possible?

*Does it not scare you?

*Let me explain,

As I’ve said something visible I had not noticed till the night has been there, on my skin. It might just show that if you’ve got feelings for someone, a love towards something, a thought or a realisation you should be having, you might not not see it/ Think it.

It could get you into trouble.

Why do we think about stupid nothingness

When there is a whole new world that needs to be discovered in your mind, for good and for bad.

*do you not understand? 

* why don’t you understand?

*please understand? 

I need you to think and realise what i am saying, please do.

Be careful with your thoughts.


Why even do we try?

Why do we go to school?

Why does it get harder?

Why is everything so ‘important’ 

But some aren’t, 
School is pretty much all of your childhood, and most of your teenage years and what’s after that? Adulthood where apparently everything you’ve done in school is going to affect it.

 I’m still in school and have a few more years till I get out, and I’m not even that fucking stupid to think that, I know there is more to life than school subjects.

We’re told how and when to do everything in our young lives, we get no break its just go go go well that’s how it’s supposed to fucking be because if we’re not studying, not doing homework, taking a day off school, doing things like drugs and alcohol we are told we’re going no where in life, there is nothing more to our life after school.

And parents/teachers don’t fucking know why we’re stressed or feel like the pressure is bringing us down?

They are very very close minded with that case.

There are so many fucking things after school that will make you happy that does not involve anything ‘academically’ learned, if that even makes sense to you who listens and believes what you’re being told by these people who treat us to be the same, like none of us are different and we’re all clueless lab rats.
There is more than just learnt lines from books, and poetry we are not interested in but yet we’re told its all that matters


They tell us to dream big, we can be want we want and we have the universe ahead of us but how do we believe it when we’re stuck in this tight schedule that most don’t not like, may even hate it. 
Why us?

Is our youth living youth fully anymore?

Races Outfits


So I have searched so many online clothes shops for the perfect outfit I would wear to the races in September. (it’s so far away but I’m so exited ahh.) Its very very hard to find something I completely love when I don’t really like dresses on me but I have finally found the perfect outfit that I love. 
1.                                                                                          2.


I am aware there is two outfits but I actually cannot pick which one I love most.. I’ve stared at them so much I’ll probably get sick of them though aha. I really cannot decide which one is my favourite.
(Everything in the pictures are from misguided.)           

Please comment which is your favourite, it might help me decide (:

In a little while I will be posting another clothes related post.
Byeee Xx


My take on feminism:

Going back so many years ago when women were treated like an object,They were treated like they were lower than men… Feminism became a thing, which I’m more than happy about. At the start of feminism, it was just for women, to fight for women, to get equality for women, is that not amazing? People who had no liberal power or power towards anything, somehow had the braveness to try to change that. Brave is an understatement for them who started feminism.

Still now a days, not all aspects of a women’s life is equally treated to any other gender but we’re fighting to change that but the “we’re” I mentioned a few words back stand for women, men, the LGBT community, and most other community’s.Though not everyone from any group I mentioned care for women’s equality, that’s expected. No one has the same opinion on everything. But some people are just plain rude about it, and speak in ways that are not helpful for anyone which is also sadly expected as we live in a dog-eat-dog world. Meaning some people will fight for just themselves, and are willing to hurt other people if they don’t agree with them.

I haven’t mentioned this in any of the two above paragraphs but feminism is not just about women anymore, it’s for everyone, equality for everyone and I do love that, that has happened over the years. 

Feminism is now equality for everyone as people are expressing themselves more and more but some are still very close minded.
People who know nothing about what feminists aim for or what feminism is has the whole idea wrong/misunderstood. I hate that. I hate that we don’t learn about these, in my eyes, most important topics in school because imagine if we did?

Imagine how many more people would understand the term feminism? 

Imagine how much we could grow up to be more accepting?

 Okayyyy the amount of times I said feminism in them paragraphs is insane aha.

I understand that no one will probably understand what I’ve said because it’s a very hard topic to write about it but at least I tried. 

Byeee  xx

Stick N’ Poke Tattoos

Stick n poke tattoos 

For some stupid unknown  reason I’m allowing one of my best friend’s give me a stick n poke tattoo… (Well it was my idea)
She’s already given me my two ear piercings on my right ear which have all went well, not even that much pain and no infections which does give me hope that the tattoo will go well but I also have higher doubts with it as we’re using Biro ink (I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re using) …

I can’t tell my mom we’re doing it because she would not like that idea at all ahaha. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a small rectangle maybe in a place near my bra strap or on my waist. Either place, I’m exited. 

The rectangle is inspired by The 1975:

Obviously I will just get that outline done ahah. I might get something else small added to it if it all goes well so I hope it does go well.

Wish me luck for during getting it done and honestly, most importantly after I get it done incase anything will happen to it. 

(I’ve done three blog posts today and posted them all, I’m just so exited to be back writing, being honest) 

Byeee for now Xxxx

My favourite music artists

i haven’t posted in around a year…

a lot has changed in the past year so I enjoyed reading what I wrote and believed from a year ago,

the only post I kind of regret doing is the one about people at school. I don’t know why I just do. Maybe it’s because Ive got to realise some people I was directing it towards to is not actually like that, unless they’re how I thought they were, fake.

anyway here is an update on the music artists I love.

i still love all the singers/bands I wrote about on the last one by the way.

1.  Mansionz 

mansionz is one of my obsessions. There is only two people in the band (Blackbear and Mike posner). they recently released their first album that I’m obsessed with. Theyre not like any other new band which is a rare thing now a days

2. Blackbear 

Blackbear is the most talented person I’ve ever seen. I’m so obsessed with him music and him himself. He is also one half on mansions. He’s the reason I found mansions. He’s also the coolest person ever

3. The 1975 

the 1975 is one amazing band, their music is also amazing, I’m listening to their song robbers right now. Yeah I’m mostly obsessed with Matty in the band and I don’t really know the others too much but oh well. Matty is very inspiring in a way, he simple does not care about what people think of him. He has very strong opinions in which he’s not afraid to speak aloud and I love that.

4. Melanie Martinez 

Though I haven’t listened to her music in a while, I still love her and her music so much. I know that when she releases more music I’ll listen to her non stop again. She is a very different, creative, and inspiring person and I love that about her.


Mansionz^                   ^blackbear     ^the 1975   ^melanie