My favourite music artists

i haven’t posted in around a year…

a lot has changed in the past year so I enjoyed reading what I wrote and believed from a year ago,

the only post I kind of regret doing is the one about people at school. I don’t know why I just do. Maybe it’s because Ive got to realise some people I was directing it towards to is not actually like that, unless they’re how I thought they were, fake.

anyway here is an update on the music artists I love.

i still love all the singers/bands I wrote about on the last one by the way.

1.  Mansionz 

mansionz is one of my obsessions. There is only two people in the band (Blackbear and Mike posner). they recently released their first album that I’m obsessed with. Theyre not like any other new band which is a rare thing now a days

2. Blackbear 

Blackbear is the most talented person I’ve ever seen. I’m so obsessed with him music and him himself. He is also one half on mansions. He’s the reason I found mansions. He’s also the coolest person ever

3. The 1975 

the 1975 is one amazing band, their music is also amazing, I’m listening to their song robbers right now. Yeah I’m mostly obsessed with Matty in the band and I don’t really know the others too much but oh well. Matty is very inspiring in a way, he simple does not care about what people think of him. He has very strong opinions in which he’s not afraid to speak aloud and I love that.

4. Melanie Martinez 

Though I haven’t listened to her music in a while, I still love her and her music so much. I know that when she releases more music I’ll listen to her non stop again. She is a very different, creative, and inspiring person and I love that about her.


Mansionz^                   ^blackbear     ^the 1975   ^melanie



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