Stick N’ Poke Tattoos

Stick n poke tattoos 

For some stupid unknown  reason I’m allowing one of my best friend’s give me a stick n poke tattoo… (Well it was my idea)
She’s already given me my two ear piercings on my right ear which have all went well, not even that much pain and no infections which does give me hope that the tattoo will go well but I also have higher doubts with it as we’re using Biro ink (I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re using) …

I can’t tell my mom we’re doing it because she would not like that idea at all ahaha. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a small rectangle maybe in a place near my bra strap or on my waist. Either place, I’m exited. 

The rectangle is inspired by The 1975:

Obviously I will just get that outline done ahah. I might get something else small added to it if it all goes well so I hope it does go well.

Wish me luck for during getting it done and honestly, most importantly after I get it done incase anything will happen to it. 

(I’ve done three blog posts today and posted them all, I’m just so exited to be back writing, being honest) 

Byeee for now Xxxx


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