Deep Nothingness.

DEEP NOTHINGNESS //(Parts 1and 2)


At the end of today (2day4month2017year) I realised I have a small cut on my finger. I have no idea where it came from. How it happened. Or when it happened. Something that is visible on the skin, that can be felt when touched, I had no idea happened.

*How is that possible?

*Does it not scare you?

*Let me explain,

As I’ve said something visible I had not noticed till the night has been there, on my skin. It might just show that if you’ve got feelings for someone, a love towards something, a thought or a realisation you should be having, you might not not see it/ Think it.

It could get you into trouble.

Why do we think about stupid nothingness

When there is a whole new world that needs to be discovered in your mind, for good and for bad.

*do you not understand? 

* why don’t you understand?

*please understand? 

I need you to think and realise what i am saying, please do.

Be careful with your thoughts.


Why even do we try?

Why do we go to school?

Why does it get harder?

Why is everything so ‘important’ 

But some aren’t, 
School is pretty much all of your childhood, and most of your teenage years and what’s after that? Adulthood where apparently everything you’ve done in school is going to affect it.

 I’m still in school and have a few more years till I get out, and I’m not even that fucking stupid to think that, I know there is more to life than school subjects.

We’re told how and when to do everything in our young lives, we get no break its just go go go well that’s how it’s supposed to fucking be because if we’re not studying, not doing homework, taking a day off school, doing things like drugs and alcohol we are told we’re going no where in life, there is nothing more to our life after school.

And parents/teachers don’t fucking know why we’re stressed or feel like the pressure is bringing us down?

They are very very close minded with that case.

There are so many fucking things after school that will make you happy that does not involve anything ‘academically’ learned, if that even makes sense to you who listens and believes what you’re being told by these people who treat us to be the same, like none of us are different and we’re all clueless lab rats.
There is more than just learnt lines from books, and poetry we are not interested in but yet we’re told its all that matters


They tell us to dream big, we can be want we want and we have the universe ahead of us but how do we believe it when we’re stuck in this tight schedule that most don’t not like, may even hate it. 
Why us?

Is our youth living youth fully anymore?


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