My take on feminism:

Going back so many years ago when women were treated like an object,They were treated like they were lower than men… Feminism became a thing, which I’m more than happy about. At the start of feminism, it was just for women, to fight for women, to get equality for women, is that not amazing? People who had no liberal power or power towards anything, somehow had the braveness to try to change that. Brave is an understatement for them who started feminism.

Still now a days, not all aspects of a women’s life is equally treated to any other gender but we’re fighting to change that but the “we’re” I mentioned a few words back stand for women, men, the LGBT community, and most other community’s.Though not everyone from any group I mentioned care for women’s equality, that’s expected. No one has the same opinion on everything. But some people are just plain rude about it, and speak in ways that are not helpful for anyone which is also sadly expected as we live in a dog-eat-dog world. Meaning some people will fight for just themselves, and are willing to hurt other people if they don’t agree with them.

I haven’t mentioned this in any of the two above paragraphs but feminism is not just about women anymore, it’s for everyone, equality for everyone and I do love that, that has happened over the years. 

Feminism is now equality for everyone as people are expressing themselves more and more but some are still very close minded.
People who know nothing about what feminists aim for or what feminism is has the whole idea wrong/misunderstood. I hate that. I hate that we don’t learn about these, in my eyes, most important topics in school because imagine if we did?

Imagine how many more people would understand the term feminism? 

Imagine how much we could grow up to be more accepting?

 Okayyyy the amount of times I said feminism in them paragraphs is insane aha.

I understand that no one will probably understand what I’ve said because it’s a very hard topic to write about it but at least I tried. 

Byeee  xx


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In my eyes, everything is messed up, but not everyone knows it.
Every person continues with their normal life, if its living in a mansion or living homeless, they carry on with their daily lives until they cannot take it anymore or when they die naturally (when I say naturally I mean a sickness or  old age killed them) or just if anything happens, which to me is boring.

I envy people who are actually happy with life and not faking a smile, how is it even possible?
Rant over.
Okay, that is all for today I know it might be a sensitive topic or it just boring or does not make sense (probably all). Also sorry I haven’t been active with writing these, school is just boring and tires me so I either forget about this or am too tired to write)

– Katie 


Life is so hard to explain for me as a 13 year old. I might think I feel one thing but when I think about what how I feel I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s so weird, sometimes we can all have so many feelings, and other times I can’t even tell how or what I feel.
When I feel physical pain, it obviously hurts but I feel like I can and will always deal with it. Today at school I was showing my friend my bruise from when I feel on Saturday and she as a joke poked it, she thought I’d Flinch but I didn’t so she did it harder, harder and harder, I felt it, it hurt, I did not care, I don’t know why.

I feel like being  ””’sad””’ the whole time, made me feel like this, probably not, but its what I think

It’s honestly so hard to describe what I feel.