Favourite song lyrics!

My favourite lyrics from songs!

1. Nobody thinks what you think – twenty one pilots.

Usually to lyrics like these I don’t like telling people a meaning, make one of your own, you can put it on the obvious way or your own different way!
2. Everybody’s got their demons – 5 seconds of summer
Your not the only one that feels like their life is a living hell, everyone suffers sometime in their life.
3. We are the new Americana – Halsey 

We are the new generation, we are our own people.
4. Pick up your stitches better than your riches – band of skulls.

Look after yourself.
5. We’ll never surrender, the kids in the dark – all time low

The Sad teenagers are a clique and won’t give in
6. You liked me cuz I was blue but then you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky -Halsey 

This is like the first of my favourite song lyric, it can have so many meanings, but just don’t change for someone.
So they are some of my favourite song lyrics, some of them might not even make sense to you or anyone but they do to me.

That’s all for today! 

~ Katie