I will be back!

I will not be posting for a while…

But I have a reason, I’m going to write a mini story that I really do want perfected and finished by the end of the year! I might post the odd blog in the odd time but for now my main the attention will be on the story.
I might post the story when everything is finished, i will update you along the way.
– bye FOR NOW! Xxx 

P.s I will be starting to write it tomorrow, I have most things planned out.


Stick N’ Poke Tattoos

Stick n poke tattoos 

For some stupid unknown  reason I’m allowing one of my best friend’s give me a stick n poke tattoo… (Well it was my idea)
She’s already given me my two ear piercings on my right ear which have all went well, not even that much pain and no infections which does give me hope that the tattoo will go well but I also have higher doubts with it as we’re using Biro ink (I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re using) …

I can’t tell my mom we’re doing it because she would not like that idea at all ahaha. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a small rectangle maybe in a place near my bra strap or on my waist. Either place, I’m exited. 

The rectangle is inspired by The 1975:

Obviously I will just get that outline done ahah. I might get something else small added to it if it all goes well so I hope it does go well.

Wish me luck for during getting it done and honestly, most importantly after I get it done incase anything will happen to it. 

(I’ve done three blog posts today and posted them all, I’m just so exited to be back writing, being honest) 

Byeee for now Xxxx

My favourite music artists

i haven’t posted in around a year…

a lot has changed in the past year so I enjoyed reading what I wrote and believed from a year ago,

the only post I kind of regret doing is the one about people at school. I don’t know why I just do. Maybe it’s because Ive got to realise some people I was directing it towards to is not actually like that, unless they’re how I thought they were, fake.

anyway here is an update on the music artists I love.

i still love all the singers/bands I wrote about on the last one by the way.

1.  Mansionz 

mansionz is one of my obsessions. There is only two people in the band (Blackbear and Mike posner). they recently released their first album that I’m obsessed with. Theyre not like any other new band which is a rare thing now a days

2. Blackbear 

Blackbear is the most talented person I’ve ever seen. I’m so obsessed with him music and him himself. He is also one half on mansions. He’s the reason I found mansions. He’s also the coolest person ever

3. The 1975 

the 1975 is one amazing band, their music is also amazing, I’m listening to their song robbers right now. Yeah I’m mostly obsessed with Matty in the band and I don’t really know the others too much but oh well. Matty is very inspiring in a way, he simple does not care about what people think of him. He has very strong opinions in which he’s not afraid to speak aloud and I love that.

4. Melanie Martinez 

Though I haven’t listened to her music in a while, I still love her and her music so much. I know that when she releases more music I’ll listen to her non stop again. She is a very different, creative, and inspiring person and I love that about her.


Mansionz^                   ^blackbear     ^the 1975   ^melanie



Life is so hard to explain for me as a 13 year old. I might think I feel one thing but when I think about what how I feel I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s so weird, sometimes we can all have so many feelings, and other times I can’t even tell how or what I feel.
When I feel physical pain, it obviously hurts but I feel like I can and will always deal with it. Today at school I was showing my friend my bruise from when I feel on Saturday and she as a joke poked it, she thought I’d Flinch but I didn’t so she did it harder, harder and harder, I felt it, it hurt, I did not care, I don’t know why.

I feel like being  ””’sad””’ the whole time, made me feel like this, probably not, but its what I think

It’s honestly so hard to describe what I feel.


When I grow up all that I really want is happiness, real happiness.

I do not care if I’m poor/rich, once I’m happy I’m okay.

I would love to be a school therapist in like America, I doubt it will ever happen but it would be so so cool. I’d also love to be a blogger but I have a less of a chance of that happening probably just cuz I can’t afford anything from the new ‘trends’ or make up or pretty, expensive clothes and I’m not interesting so there is all my chances gone.
Thinking of your future is so scary, no one, not even you knows what it going to happen and I hate that.

What if I grow up to not being happy and not having a job I enjoy? Most people worry about school and what people think of them, yes I think about them but my future is more important to me.

I hope really things work out, I don’t think it will all be okay but I just hope so.

Also parents or teachers don’t and won’t teach us about things like paying bills, buying cars, breakups and that does not help a person that worries about their future. They just don’t understand what teenagers worry about and they make fun of it, I hate that too.

So that’s all for today! I know it’s a bit deep but oh well.

~ Katie 

Favourite song lyrics!

My favourite lyrics from songs!

1. Nobody thinks what you think – twenty one pilots.

Usually to lyrics like these I don’t like telling people a meaning, make one of your own, you can put it on the obvious way or your own different way!
2. Everybody’s got their demons – 5 seconds of summer
Your not the only one that feels like their life is a living hell, everyone suffers sometime in their life.
3. We are the new Americana – Halsey 

We are the new generation, we are our own people.
4. Pick up your stitches better than your riches – band of skulls.

Look after yourself.
5. We’ll never surrender, the kids in the dark – all time low

The Sad teenagers are a clique and won’t give in
6. You liked me cuz I was blue but then you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky -Halsey 

This is like the first of my favourite song lyric, it can have so many meanings, but just don’t change for someone.
So they are some of my favourite song lyrics, some of them might not even make sense to you or anyone but they do to me.

That’s all for today! 

~ Katie 


What I think the meaning of life is..
Life has millions and millions and millions of reasons, one for each person. Everyone has things or people they love and would do anything to keep in their lives, but I think only one of them is the true meaning to their life

But so many people have mental issues, and I do honestly think the main reason that caused their problems is that they don’t know their real meaning to their life. They don’t know their own definition of their own future, or, even, their past. 
You have all these “professionals” trying to tell you what is right and what is wrong in your life but they don’t know the real you, how can they if you don’t even know the real you?

You can not even look for the meaning of your life, it just comes naturally, a realisation almost.  It might even take years for it to come so just don’t loose hope, it will come even if its when you are old, just wait and enjoy your life as it comes. 

Also just think about things, it will end up having more meaning, giving what you have and what you want more meaning.

(I know that this is deeper than usual, but I feel like I needed to say it.)

 That’s is all for today aha. Byee!!!

~ Katie.


These are a few tips on how to deal with anger/worry because we all know that everyone has to deal with it sometime in their lives 
1. Know that time never ever stops, so if you are lets just say in class and the teacher is giving out to you, one way that might make you feel better or less embarrassed even is to remember that it’s going to end, no matter how bad the ‘argument‘ is, it.will.end.  


2. If you are angry, press your tongue on the bridge (top) of you mouth, and breath in, it might help! 

3. In the moment you are worrying or angry or feel down, think of someone, even a famous person that makes you feel okay and happy (mine is Tyler Joseph or Halsey) 

4. Leave the room you are in and take some time out and have time to think .

5. Listen to music, whatever music you are into, listen to it, it’ll help especially if you love music like me! 


I hope these tips helps you, if you see this. Ahaa
Bye for now! 

~ Katie 

Types of people at school 


   Types People At School

They’re lots of different types of people at school, some nicer than other, some less caring as others but most people are just people who you don’t hate but you don’t know them, so your just not bothered by them meaning you should not care what they think about you or things you love so I am going to explain some types of the people at my school.

1. The ‘Nobody’s’

     I think I am this type of person, no one particularly ‘hates’ in this group of people.

To be honest most people is school are like this, They don’t get involved in everything the school does, it’s like they are just there filling an empty space but having a meaning to be there at the same time
2. The ‘I know everything and am cocky about it’

     Every school has these people and they annoy the shit out of me, all they do is be an absolute an lickarse to all the teachers and get everything ‘right’ and if they don’t they go off and cry about it. That is  pretty much everything I have to say about them.
3. The ‘I know Everything But Is Modest About It’

      I am so jealous of these people because they are always the nicest people and they are straight A students… I sit beside a girl and she is literally like the nicest person I have ever known, literally.
4. The ‘Popular girls that make out with every boy who walks past them and will do anything for attention’

      These people are so annoying, they can be ‘nice’ but they are still annoying, I don’t know them too well so I can’t say I hate them but they all seem to be stuck up and cocky.

5. The ‘Popular But Is Still Really Nice/Smart/pretty/everything I want to be’

      I want to be this person.

That is all for today!
~ Katie